Qualitative Research

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We are passionate about qualitative – it’s our first love.  And we have a deep appreciation for how qualitative research augments quantitative studies and competitive intelligence efforts.  Hartt and Mind and its research partners offer a wide range of study designs for developing new products or services, testing concepts, supporting rapid innovation, and developing marketing messages and logos that capture your market’s attention.

We focus on the research that will bring the greatest positive change to your business and brand. As always, we are sensitive to our clients’ budgets and work within them.

What Our Clients Say… a case study

 Jen has the presence, brains, and experience to deliver a quality product. You can trust her explicitly when recommending her to your clients. How so? I am an engage-the-employees process improvement guy. My client (president of an association) asked me to conduct some market research because a “big box” was coming to town, threatening to gobble up his “local” business. I told him “not my forte, and I’d like you and me to meet with Jen Simson.” He did and he hired Jen for the job. Result? Jen found out so much about what rang the bells for her client that his business increased 19% when the “big box” came to town. The client’s reaction? “Send me another “big box!” Jen is quality delivery!”
President, Process Consultant Firm

What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative researchers explore beliefs, perceptions, and values that influence a target audience’s behaviors.  In other words, we are fascinated by the why and how of decision making. And we’re intensely curious.  Qualitative research projects are in-depth studies of small groups of people and the findings are descriptive rather than predictive.  The studies may take the form of focus groups, one-one-one in-person or telephone interviews, on-line “qual-board” interviews that may last 3-4 days, or ethnographic observation in a consumer’s home or place of business. Click here to find out how projectives can enrich your research findings.


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