ad testing

Ads that hit your target

Ad testing can be expensive, but the cost of getting it wrong can be so much more.

We have research designs to fit both your objectives and your budget.

For years we’ve been testing ads at every stage of the creative process. The early stage testing (concept testing) can help you determine the relative effectiveness of one ad or public service announcement concept over another. Ad testing while your concept is still rough can save you big bucks by pointing to opportunities to refine your creative efforts.

Later stage testing is particularly useful in guiding editing decisions, selecting one out of many executions, and helping shape the evolution of your campaign.

Catch your audience at home…

Hartt and Mind’s live-cam process allows you to watch your consumers react to your rough or finished ads and public service announcements in their home or at work.

Develop the ad or PSA concept that will move your audience

Our ad testing tools include:

  • One-on-one depth interviews
  • Focus group interviews
  • Web-assisted telephone interviews
  • Qual-boards (asynchronous online bulletin boards)
  • Hartt and Mind Live-Cam  (online video feedback)
  • Quantitative testing (online, telephone, in-person)

Hartt and Mind Market Research
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