Quantitative Research

Quantitative ResearchIt helps when your qualitative researcher “gets quant”

We conduct our quantitative studies in multiple languages and countries and will advise you on which methodologies will work best for you and why.

Hartt and Mind partners with several premier market researchers with in-depth experience in a variety of industries (including healthcare and financial services).  Our quantitative partners conduct research projects that use the telephone, web, mail, and mall and store intercepts. Frustrated with the drawbacks inherent in many positioning research designs, one of our quantitative gurus co-developed one of the best positioning models in the business.  Always, it’s about choices that work best for you and your goals.

Relax. We’ll design the research that fits your needs


What is Quantitative Research?

Quantitative research is used to measure how many people feel, think, or act in a particular way using statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques. These surveys tend to include large samples – typically, anything from 50 on up to thousands of interviews. The survey questionnaires are highly structured and mainly use closed questions – i.e., questions with set responses such as yes or no.

Many of our clients choose a quantitative approach when they want to be able to project the research findings to their total market.


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