Hartt and Mind’s Brand Essence Approach

What do you do when your brand isn’t connecting with your target customer? 

Our researchers seek out the stories and underlying emotions that connect consumers to their brands. We uncover:

  • What’s your product or brand’s archetypal personality?
  • What’s going on in your consumer’s psyche and life when they pick your brand rather than your competitor’s?
  • How does using your product affect how your consumers feel about themselves?

Getting to the heart and soul of a brand takes savoir-fair

It takes more than asking “why?” to get at what influences your consumer to use those eye drops or that credit card.

Hartt and Mind’s moderators draw on hypnosis, projectives, laddering, NLP, and indirect questioning to uncover your consumers’ beliefs, values, and emotional wants.

For more on how we do it click here.

Hartt and Mind helps you uncover the authentic, archetypal stories that strike deep emotional chords with your consumers.

For more about how you can use archetypes to uncover and tell your our brand’s story, I invite you to listen in and watch a presentation that I facilitated by one of my favorite brand strategists, Fritz Grutzner of Brandgarten click here.


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