Financial Services

financial servicesWhen you need someone who has walked the walk and can talk the language…

Banks, credit unions, insurers, and investment companies all have their own language and their products and services can be complex. Whether explaining a new insurance concept or exploring purchase motivators, it helps to have researchers who are already familiar with the landscape.

Our learning curve is shorter and your respondents will feel comfortable talking to us.

After all, Hartt and Mind’s founder has been knee deep in financial markets since early in her career. Jenifer analyzed companies, management teams, and industries for The Travelers in the mid- 1980s – often spending a day or two onsite with a company‘s management. She then managed over $5 billion in bond, equity, and real estate assets before diving into commodity research and trading. At Cigna, Jenifer managed a team of asset allocation consultants to pension plans, lead research efforts, and project managed large asset allocation studies and consulting jobs for Cigna’s Global Portfolio Services. Jen majored in economics, has an MBA and has earned her CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and was a CPA.

Jenifer’s market research and due diligence clients in the financial services industry include banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and payment card companies. She has interviewed a wide variety of audiences for these clients including:

  • Consumer & business customers of banks, payment card companies, insurers, and investment banks
  • Business owners and key managers
  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Senior and C-suite executives of insurers, banks, and investment banks

Hartt and Mind delivers deep insights into what motivates financial consumers.


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