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The know-how to make your healthcare project a success

When it’s important to have an interviewer who has worked with physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and families – who understands what it takes to both recruit and interview these audiences – Hartt and Mind Market Research can make your research project a success.

Take comfort. Our experienced team will elicit the information you need to build your brand and market.

Hartt and Mind’s Deep Experience

A seasoned interviewer, Jenifer Hartt has interviewed patients and family members, physicians (including cardiologists, diabetologists, endocrinologists, GP, gerontologists, hospitalists, infectious disease specialists, IM, neurologists, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, oncologists, and orthopedic surgeons,) nurses, certified diabetes educators, lactation consultants, behavioral health and healthcare insurers, and managers of physician offices, nursing homes, in-hospital programs, and in-home care.

familyJenifer is a co-founder of a Connecticut based intensive outpatient program for adolescents with substance abuse and mental health issues and their families. The Next Right Thing, LLC’s innovative treatment program is meeting unmet needs from the perspective of families, behavioral health providers, and insurance companies. Jenifer is committed to supporting families and to the magnificent healthcare community that contributes to families’ medical and mental health.

Hartt and Mind delivers insights that matter.


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