Jenifer Hartt

Jenifer founded Hartt and Mind Market Research, a research consultancy, in 2011. At Hartt and Mind, she designs and executes innovative and creative marketing research. Jenifer is a seasoned focus group moderator and in-depth interviewer in consumer and business research studies. She is equally facile interviewing C-Suite executives, physicians, the ultra-wealthy, teenagers, and drunk drivers.

Jenifer has been knee deep in research and exploring motivations of individuals and markets since early in her career. She analyzed companies, management teams, and industries for The Travelers in the mid- 1980’s (lots of interviews!). She then managed over $5 billion in portfolio assets, her portfolios equaling or exceeding targeted bogeys before diving into commodity research and trading. At CIGNA she managed a team of consultants to pension plans, lead research efforts, and project managed large studies and consulting jobs for CIGNA’s Global Portfolio Services. (Her client contacts included CEO’s, CFO’s, & senior Human Resource professionals.) As a co-founder of Quantum Insights, Jenifer was responsible for managing and developing the qualitative research services as well as sharing her analytical expertise with the quantitative side of the house.

At Hartt and Mind, Jenifer designs and executes innovative and creative marketing research. She is actively involved in all phases of projects, from study design and coordination, to moderating focus groups, to data analysis, report writing, and the presentation of findings.

Active in the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), Jenifer served as co-president of the New England chapter 2008-2011 and is a feature editor for QRCA’s award winning magazine, VIEWS. She earned her Masters in Business from Cornell University and along the way picked up a CPA and CFA. Jenifer has an economic degree with honors from the University of Washington.

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