We have the research expertise you need.

Hartt and Mind Market Research is a consultancy, with leading thinkers and researchers in qualitative market research, competitive intelligence, secondary research, concept development, and quantitative research methodologies. Our senior team members average over 30 years of research and business experience.

Areas of expertise:

  • Qualitative Marketing Research – focus groups, online Qual-boards, depth interviews, video panels, mobile research, social media listening and analysis, and ethnographic observation.
  • Ad Testing – online video feedback, focus groups, web-assisted telephone interviews, quantitative – you name it, we have a research design to fit your objectives and your budget.
  • Market Due Diligence – team of experts who’ve been testing the waters for investors since the late 80’s. Fast, targeted interviews with customers, distributors, and competitors.
  • Competitive Intelligence – workshops, best practice audits, scenario planning, war games, and in-depth analysis of the market and key players.
  • Secondary Research – team of researchers with access to subscription data bases with market research, library sciences and competitive intelligence backgrounds.
  • Quantitative Marketing Research – telephone, internet, intercept, mail. We work with specialists who understand in depth the challenges and mind-set of your markets.

Hartt and Mind Market Research
West Hartford, CT